Exclusive to our award winning range of swimming pools, Pool ColourGuard® offers the world’s most highly advanced swimming pool technology.

Backed by a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee*, a pool with Pool ColourGuard® provides superior defense against chemicals, water and ultra violet rays for a pool that will not fade even after years of regular use.

The complete Pool ColourGuard® range of 11 colours each incorporates a superior, high gloss surface finish never before seen on swimming pools which is maintained year after year.

Crystalite® Series

Coloured and silver chips distributed evenly throughout the surface offer a dramatic, brilliant sparkle to your pool that shimmers in the sun.

Surface Finishes-x
Silver Mist

Marble Series

Inspired by the natural look and texture of marble and granite, our innovative Marble Series combines strength and endurance with style and sophistication.

Assana Blue
Artesian Mist
Volcanic Ash
Black Coral
Black Coral

Starlight Series

The Starlight Series combine vibrant flecks with elegant shades to create an enhanced depth of colour that is guaranteed to last.

Cosmic Blue

* Conditions apply

Every effort has been made to represent the true colours, however variations may occur due to climatic conditions and your computer monitors settings. The final product may be subject to a colour variation and it is recommended that you view a physical colour sample prior to colour selection.

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