Primo – 9m x 2.5m

The generous length of the Newport makes it the ideal pool for exercise and the constant depth of 1.4m allows for tumble turns at each end. Side entry steps at both ends on one side give uninterrupted swimming length and are the perfect spot to sit and relax. Safety ledges on both of the long sides provide a good rest point, especially for small children#. The slim width of 2.5m means the Newport can fit into narrow spaces, such as side of house installations**.


  • Twin side-entry steps along one side
  • Large, uninterrupted lap swimming area
  • Safety ledge on both sides – provide a rest point, especially for small children#
  • Constant depth of 1.4m – allows for tumble turns at each end
  • Slim width means these designs can fit into narrow spaces


Length: 9.0m
Width: 2.5m
Depth: 1.4 constant

Length: 9.4m
Width: 2.9m
Depth: 1.4m constant

Surface Finishes:

Available in the complete Pool ColourGuard® range with a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee*

Also in the Lap Pool Series


11.0m x 2.5m


9.0m x 2.5m

*Conditions apply
**Minimum distances from boundaries apply, as per Shire regulations
#Children should be supervised at all times